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Other Names: Paint brush, Blood lily, Snake lily
Family: Amaryllidaceae (Hippeastrum family)
Type: bulb
Native to: southern and eastern South Africa and tropical Africa where the climate is warm to hot year-round with rain evenly distributed, or mostly in summer. Frosts of -10oC(14oF) are possible inland but these are not common or prolonged. Winter days are sunny and above 10oC(50oF).
Preferred climate: tropical, subtropical, frost-free and near frost-free gardens. In colder areas, grow summer-growing species in pots brought undercover and kept above freezing while dormant in autumn and winter. Evergreen species will tolerate light frosts only.
Planting tips: plant in winter (in frost-free areas) or spring in well-drained soil that contains plenty of rotted organic matter. Place bulbs with their necks at soil level. While plants will tolerate full sun, a site that receives some shade during the afternoon is preferred. The big and impressive Scadoxus multiflorus subsp. katharinae will flower in full shade.
Growing season: spring to autumn. Evergreen species grow year-round, but are least active in winter. Plants range in height, Scadoxus multiflorus subsp. katharinae being the biggest with a mature height of more than 1m (3ft) possible. A more usual height would be 50cm (20in).
Flowering season: late winter to early autumn depending on the species and your climate - the cooler the climate, the later the flowers appear. Flowers may be salmon-pink or orange-red.
Care: water whenever leaves are present if rain does not fall. No feeding is necessary if soi is rich in humus. Stop watering when leaves begin to wither in autumn. In cool climates keep dry, above freezing in winter. In frost-free and warmer gardens, moderate winter rain is harmless if soil drains fast. Once planted, do not lift bulbs frequently.
In pots: Scadoxus make striking and unusual pot plants; use a wide tub for the best display. Plants can be over-wintered dry in their containers. Pot culture is essential where winters are cool and wet.
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